It is the policy of K.S.D. (Fabrication) Limited to conduct its undertakings in such a manner as to ensure that potential environmental impacts of operations under their control are identified and the necessary actions taken to minimise the same.  Active support and co-operation of all employees in creating a positive attitude to the protection of the environment is essential for the policy to be effective.

The company will keep itself informed of all legislation and codes if practice on environmental issues that are relevant to its operations, make best endeavors to ensure that its personnel are aware of and adequately instructed in these requirements, and take all other reasonable actions to ensure compliance.

Whilst work is in progress the Company will take all reasonable precautions that are consistent with client instructions against environmental damage, disruption or nuisance on or adjoining its work locations; at all times endeavour to keep working and adjoining areas clean and tidy and avoid pollution of the environment with noise, fumes, dust or the disposal of materials.

The Company will wherever viable and consistent with client instructions, use materials and products which are re-useable or re-cyclable and available from sustainable sources; make every effort to conserve the use of materials and energy and collect waste materials for re-cycling.

The Company will prepare and issue instructions for the implementation of its environmental policy at individual work locations and a competent person will be nominated to supervise compliance with these instructions.

Any environmental problems encountered in carrying out works in accordance with client instructions will be brought to the attention of the client and the relevant authority, with a view to achieving a satisfactory solution to the problem.

Mr Keith Goate is the Director responsible for the overall implementation of the Company’s Environmental Policy.  All Directors and Supervisors have responsibility for individual implementation of the Policy.