It is the Health and Safety Policy of K.S.D. (Fabrication) Ltd to conduct its undertaking in such a manner that, so far as is reasonably practicable, shall ensure the Health, Safety and Welfare of its employees whilst at work including that of any person(s) who may be effected by company operations. We will ensure that through their operations, that any potential environmental impacts are minimised and all necessary actions are taken to avoid any such environmental impacts.

The Company is committed to providing the necessary resources for setting and maintaining the highest standards that are reasonably practicable for Health, Safety and Environmental matters. We will endeavour to keep up to date on all legislation, codes of practice and industry standards that are relevant to Company operations. K.S.D. shall ensure that its personnel are aware of and are adequately instructed in H.S.E. requirements.

Health, Safety and Environmental issues are initially line responsibility, with the ultimate responsibility resting with Company directors.

K.S.D. employees are responsible for their own actions. Active support and co-operation by employees is sought therefore creating a positive attitude to Health, Safety and the protection of the Environment. This co-operation is essential for this policy to be effective.

Implementation of this safety policy is the responsibility of the nominated company director, Mr Keith Goate, for H.S.E.

The Company regard the management of Health, Safety and Environmental matters as an integrated function of its normal day-to-day business activities.